Craving life

Craving is a funny thing, isn’t it? For example right now I am munching on a pack of almonds to stop myself from reaching into the cupboard where a little pack of oreo’s is calling my name. If I didn’t have the oreo’s, if I didn’t know that they are just few feet away from me, would I crave them?

Probably not.

My friend has a theory about cravings. She claims that you cannot crave things that you never had. After all, if you never tried chocolate in your life, you wouldn’t know the taste of it. You wouldn’t know what to crave. – It’s difficult to argue with that.

All I know, is that you can desire things that you have never had, seen or tried. And I desire a lot…I used to desire a 9-5 mon-fri job – and I got that. I wanted to have a place of my own – no strange flatmates or roommates – got that.

But what do I desire most in the world?

To have a family. My own family. A loving and supporting partner/husband and kids. A desire to be a mum has been at the back of my head since I was 14. Since I learned that probably I will never be a mum.

Apparently, the idea that you might never have something makes you want it (crave it?) even more



Post obviously inspired by the Daily Prompt: Craving . Also, found this one while thinking of my own ideas Cravings by ArtsySusie. In this one little post I think I found my soul-twin 🙂



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