I am usually the kind of person to make informed decisions. I do not jump head first into everything. There are of course exceptions from the rule, but that’s what they are – just exceptions.

For the last few days google was my best friend. I googles hypothyroidism, PCOS, added ‘lifestyle’, ‘diet’, ‘symptoms’ and many other words next to it. The results could’ve been overwhelming. Luckily I have experience with this conditions so I quickly could eliminate the websites that were trying to scare you or sell you stuff or both (No, I will not die if I don’t take your company’s supplements, thank you!). Some of them were kind of extreme – at least I find raw vegan diet extreme.

But most of them have few things in common (I will skip medical stuff, at least for now):

  • obviously you cannot cure it but you can manage it
  • feeling like shite and having no energy is not a usual state for most people – and you can fight it
  • if you take care of yourself, you will start feeling better (mentally and physically)
  • there are many things that can make it worse but also things than can make it better (gluten and diary make things worse – good sleep and relax make it better)
  • your condition will never be your best friend but it can become your frenemy 🙂

So… right now I feel low energy and kind of mentally numb, get more and more isolated from people (I used to be outgoing…) and are at least 30 kg (over 5 stone) too heavy… so it can only get better, right?


One thought on “Prep

  1. I have Hashimoto’s Hypothroidism. I know these struggles all to well, along with PCOS. All the things you listed here could have been plucked from my own head!

    You are damned when you do and damned when you don’t. It DOES get better, when you find out what works for you. I take medications, I wish I didn’t have to take drugs but between my health and mental health it’s best for everyone that I

    Keep writing, keep up the good work I know you are doing! Look forward to reading more from you!

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